Located on two distinct spaces, the new gardens of the Château of Blois are a reminder of the history of the monument, from Anne of Brittany to Gaston of Orleans. The gardens open on a wonderful lookout point on the city.

For the 500-year anniversary of the Renaissance, not only the main courtyard is open, but visitors can also explore a new landscaped garden which highlights the history of the place.

As places to relax and meditate, these new gardens are quite similar to the ones created by Louis XII and Anne of Brittany, which used to be more than 10 hectares, and were let to die out after the French Revolution.

Although a contemporary project, history is a big part of it. One of the levels is a tribute to Anne of Brittany and her famous book of hours “Les Grandes Heures”, while the other level highlights the Foix tower, a remain of the old medieval castle.

The Château of Blois is open every day from 9 am to 7 pm.