Until October 13 2019, le Château of Châteaudun presents a series of photographs by plastic artist Sabine Pigalle that will take you on a journey to the Renaissance period. Far from the usual patterns, this exhibition adopts a surprising way to evoke the art of the past thanks to the use of contemporary techniques.


For the 500 year anniversary of the Renaissance in the Loire Valley, the Château of Châteaudun chose originality for the public to discover this prosperous period in European history. No belonging of Francis I, no work of the genius Leonardo Da Vinci, but a series of surprising photographs by Sabine Pigalle, who took her inspiration from the greatest european paintings of the 15th and 16th centuries.

The artist has chosen to recreate iconic paintings by making them more modern, more real, and often more moving. Photography and painting are thus mixed so that the original portraits are replaced by contemporary faces. Experts will spot this modern touch brought by the artist right away, while less experienced people will perhaps discover for the first time the colours, atmospheres and landscapes inspired by 500 year-old masterpieces.

A total of fifty paintings have been recreated by Sabine Pigalle. The amount of work necessary to stay faithful to

the originals while making high-quality photographs is hard to imagine.

The pictures of the “Rinascenza” (Italian for Renaissance) originate from the “Timequakes” and “In Memoriam” series, but some of them are exposed for the very first time.

The Château of Châteaudun is open everyday, except on January 1st, May 1st and December 25th.