This floral park is filled with an array of fragrances and colours. During the course of the walk, the visitor progresses through a colourful variety of flowers and trees.

The château stables contain a collection of 19th- century carriages.

Created almost 50 years ago by Gilles de Brissac, the Apremont floral park appears as a vast jewel in the heart of a medieval village listed among the “Most Beautiful Villages in France”.

It is an arboretum and botanical garden and offers visitors a famous “white garden” with more than 1500 species of plants, a wisteria pergola and a choice of rare trees.

Waterfall and lake showcase the Chinese bridge, Turkish pavilion and gazebo which tie in with the 18th-century “follies” tradition.

Small museum opening on 27/03, retracing the history of the garden and follies, with games for children.”



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