The “Grant Maison”, built between 1443 and 1451 and belonging to Jacques Coeur, treasurer of King Charles VII, is rare unaltered evidence of 15th-century civil architecture.

Visit the Palais Jacques Cœur, one of the most magnificent buildings of 15th-century Gothic civil architecture, set in the historic centre of Bourges, a city of art and history. Learn about the exceptional character of Jacques Cœur, a merchant, adventurer and treasurer of King Charles VII.

The Palais is a flamboyant Gothic masterpiece combining a Gothic repertoire, royal symbolism, items of Jacques Coeur’s weaponry and realistic representations of everyday life.

Inspired by the aristocratic architecture of the residences of Duke Jean de Berry, the building has chimneys in all rooms and a grooming area. The ceremonial service is separate from the private service.



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