Did you know that during the third millennium before the Christian era, southern Touraine possessed one of the largest flint sharpening workshops in western Europe, and that its products were exported beyond today’s French borders ? The Musée de la Préhistoire de Grand-Pressigny invites you to discover the daily lives of master sharpeners at the end of the Neolithic Era and to understand how it was that their emblematic activity typified the economic, cultural and social reality of the epoch.  

Given the wealth of its collections, which explain its being classified as a “historic monument”, the Grand-Pressigny prehistory museum constitutes a unique resource center on silex.  The museum presents the stone’s characteristics along with the intelligence of human beings who have been availing themselves of its particularities for close to 100,000 years. 

Rendered fully approachable by family-friendly pedagogical supports, the museum’s collection enables visitors to get better acquainted with French prehistory, from the Neanderthal man to the Bronze Age. What with playful workshops, lively demonstrations and remarkable exhibitions, the Musée de la Préhistoire de Grand-Pressigny fulfills a key role in the heart of a surprising complex containing vestiges of a medieval fortress, a Renaissance castle wing, and a new modern building. 

To facilitate your immersion in prehistory, in the château courtyard of the museum offers  for your perusal its reconstitution of an encampment of prehistoric Ice Age hunters with life-size reproductions of emblematic animals dating back to that long-gone epoch.


The last entrance tickets are sold 30 minutes before the monument closes.




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