In the heart of a region particularly known for its Renaissance châteaux, you may be amazed to discover the massive square Montrichard donjon with its imposing silhouette overlooking the town of Montrichard and offering an exceptional view of the Cher valley. The Château de Montrichard was built during the 11th century under the supervision of the count of Anjou, Foulques III Nerra. It was strategically positioned in the context of his conflict with the count of Blois. In our times, it is the single remaining vestige of the fortress that once protected the valley.

During the 12th century, it fell into the hands of the house of Amboise and was enlarged. A property belonging to Louis XI in the 15th century, in modern times it was slowly but surely abandoned.

Nowadays, two museums stand side by side at this unusual site: (1) The archeological museum of the “friends of René Galloux” will immerse you in the arcana of ancient history. Visiting its six room, you will journey through paleontology, prehistoric times, molinology (the only room in  Europe on the study of mills), the Gallo-Roman epoch and the Merovingianera.

(2) The ethnological museum of the “friends of ancient Montrichard” will immerse you in the atmosphere of the 1900s, as you discover objects from the past, admire wax statues historical figures, and learn more about certain forms of craftsmanship… You will also have the opportunity to discover the 20+ centuries of history that have left their imprint on the town and you will behold two snapshots from history representing  Louis XI and the Duke of Penthièvre respectively.

You can project yourself into the past using six posts of augmented reality. Take a trip through time as you encounter Foulques Nerra and his subjects.