On the left bank of the Loire, a rose garden is born in the Roquelin farm. Over the last twelve years,  this one-time agricultural holding has been transformed and transfigured with the opening of the gardens of Roquelin, which have received the “Jardin Remarquable” label, placing them in the closed circle of the most beauteous Val de Loire gardens.  

Stéphane Chassine, the proprietor of the Jardins de Roquelin, is ardently attached to antique roses, and in no time flat, rose trees have sprung from the ground of Roquelin. On just 2½ acres, no less than 500 rose varieties coexist. Strolling through the garden alleys, you will find two sources of inspiration: (1) an English-style garden with a skillfully assembled mix of antique roses and perennial plants and (2) medieval-style gardens with their chestnut-based or interlaced (plessis) structures. 

You will be stopped in your tracks by enchantingly perfumed roses likely to revive childhood memories, for example  Archduke Joseph, Yolande d’Aragon or Madame Isaac Péreire, as well as rosebushes with evocative names such as nymph’s thigh, wreath of love, friendly female friend…  

A large number of the plants exhibited in the garden are available for sale, on site. Following your visit, stop over at the gift shop now occupying the one-time sheepfold. You will find garden-inspired decorative objects … and homemade marmalades.  



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