The Jardins de Poulaines is a private garden to be in the heart of a Berry village. Once the site of a feudal  seigneury belonging to the barony of Graçay, the manor of Poulaines is the last remaining trace of an ancient fortified castle. A small number of magnificent trees and century-old boxwoods surround a Renaissance manor and neighboring 18th and 19th-century buildings. For 28 years, its 11 acres have been meticulously cultivated by its present-day proprietors, who have created a number of thematic gardens. Encased by 50 acres of woods, in 2014 the Estate was awarded the national label Jardin Remarquable

You will admire the rose garden, the waterway with its irises and lavenders, and the pathway with its perennials and arches trellised with creepers

Close to the stream, in the English-style park with its rare trees, you will stroll along to the bamboo garden and its koi carps (a food source) and finally reach the Arboretum with its 300 labeled trees.

According to the season, you will discover the subtle fragrances of lilies, English roses, mints and aromatic plants. Far from being forgotten, young children will enjoy frolicking around a play area, and the animals of the estate will help to make them feel at home.    

Whether you harbor an abiding passion or are a total novice on the history of gardens, the Estate of  Poulaines will transport you into a soothing sphere of nature in which young and old alike will find serenity, escape and entertainment.   



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