Located near Cathédrale Sainte-Croix, with its red brick facade Hôtel Groslot is a magnificent Renaissance edifice built from 1549 to 1558 under the supervision of the town bailiff, Jacques Groslot, based on the plans of the architect Jacques Androuet Ducerceau. Charles IX, Henri III et Henri IV were only some of its illustrious visitors.  

After the French Revolution, the private residence was transformed into a building of public purpose, a town hall, and underwent substantial change.  An extension came into existence with the addition of two new wings and the decorations were substantially redesigned. In 1850 the interior was restored by the architect Delton and a statue of Joan of Arc, sculpted by Princess Marie of Orleans, was placed on the hotel porch.

Today’s visitor can explore the VIP lounge, the one-time town council chamber and Mayor’s office, as well as the wedding hall, scene of the death in 1560 of a teenage François II, who had come with his mother Catherine de’ Medici to chair the Estates General. The visitor to these history-steeped spaces can also contemplate creations of exceptional interest such as Aubusson tapestries, a wooden chest offered by Louis XI to the canons of Saint-Aignan, and a painting by Pierre Dupuis, « Les derniers moments de François II », depicting the death of King François II.  All in all, a captivating residence to be discovered… 

Visits can be organized either individually or in groups, either independently or guided by the Office de Tourisme et de Congrès (tourist information center and conference bureau). 

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  • Average duration of the individual visit : 00h20
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  • Average duration of the group visit : 00h20
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