Imagine a palace precariously perched on a promontory overlooking the Loire River, and try to picture gardens seemingly suspended between sky and earth…  It is hardly astonishing that Amboise was a preferred site of the kings of France when they radically transformed their country during the Renaissance. For more than two centuries, the history of the Château d’Amboise was intimately interlinked with the epic narrative of French history. Kings Charles VIII and François I, the genius Leonardo da Vinci (buried in the château chapel), Queens Anne of Brittany and Catherine de’ Medici and, finally, the last “king of the French”, Louis-Philippe, were familiar faces in the castle.

Having occupied a major role in the history of France, the Château d’Amboise currently possesses an exceptionally rich collection of Gothic and Renaissance furnishing attesting to the artistic sophistication of the first French Renaissance.

Following discovery of the royal lodgings and the imposing cavalier towers, the visitor’s stroll continues through panoramic gardens with their dominating the Loire. Even in this day and age, the view is nothing short of breathtaking. From the ramparts at a 180° angle, the visitor will discover landscapes registered in the UNESCO World Heritage.

A vibrant château in harmony with surrounding nature, a safe and serene haven for more than 80 species of birds, Amboise is also a site for innovation in which as of this year new technologies, such as the HistoPad, will further enrich your discovery.



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