Experience the battles of a besieged village in the moats of this ancient medieval fortress transformed into a 16th century manor house.

At their posts, the soldiers load up the cerbatanes, mangonels, couillards and trebuchets for live firing of balls: a unique demonstration of these machines.

The château is sure to surprise you in more ways than one!

Inhabited until 1987, it was originally a medieval fortress before being transformed into a beautiful, grand and stately manor house during the 16th century. Through the 14 furnished rooms, visitors can discover, from the kitchen to the roof beams, a magnificent, characterful château overlooking a unique landscape between the Loire and the countryside.

An additional unique feature is the Children’s Museum which, through a well-stocked, antique, photograph and document collection, retraces the history of a child’s life growing up in the region: René Chevreau, an adventurer and one of the pioneers of military aviation.

Yet, the real attraction of the château each summer is the firing demonstrations of medieval war machines.



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