In the heart of local vineyards, you can discover the Château de Menetou-Salon, one-time castle of Jacques Cœur, financial superintendent of Charles VII, and see how it has evolved over the centuries. Amply furnished and decorated with the utmost refinement, this magnificent abode displays a unique neo-Gothic style elaborated by the renowned architect Paul-Ernest Sanson. Your visit to the castle, today the private residence of the Prince and the Princess of Arenberg, will transport you into the Prussian universe of the Romantic era.

Property of the counts of Sancerre since the reign of Saint Louis, in 1448 the Menetou-Salon estate was sold to the financial superitendent of King Charles VII, Jacques Cœur. Shortly thereafter, however,  Jacques Cœur fell from grace and his possessions were confiscated.  After its having belonged successively to several different families, during the 18th century the château of Menetou-Salon was inherited by the Brancas Lauragais family, and in 1773 a daughter, Pauline, married  Louis Engelbert, Prince and Duke of Arenberg.

It was during the 19th century that Prince Auguste d’Arenberg, a key figure in the history of the château, decided to have it enlarged and embellished, to the extent that it became the symbol of his implantation in Cher.

With that in mind, he called upon the architect Paul Ernest Sanson, who carried out an audacious project drawing inspiration from the Jacques Cœur palace in Bourges, one of the most elegant remaining examples of late 15th-century civil architecture. The result is remarkable, and the Château de Menetou-Salon may fairly be deemed a neo-Gothic crown jewel.

Inside this magnificent residence, you will discover sumptuously furnished reception rooms, an automobile and horse-drawn vehicle museum and last but not least, a saddlery.

In the gift shop you will discover regional products, and perhaps exit with a souvenir of your visit.  In the tasting area, you will appreciate the estate wines originating in the Clos de la Dame, historic vineyard in the heart of the village. You will savor the subtle aromas of the Pinot Noir and Sauvignon that render the wine of Menetou-Salon one of the best in France.



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