In the heart of Sologne, 18km south of Orleans, lies a 17th-century family-run château, which has existed as a private residence for over 350 years. From basement to attic, from cellar to granary with its exhibition of antique toys, without forgetting the stables, you will discover a one-of-a-kind Loire castle, with differently 15 furnished rooms on each of its three floors.

On summer and Sunday afternoons, female cooks in period costume will not only invite you to taste their delicious madeleines with homemade honey, but will also fill you in on the daily functioning of a 17th-century kitchen.

Outside of the Château de la Ferté Saint-Aubin, amidst the hundred acres of its historic park, you will discover a variety of garden games: chess, Game of the Goose grandeur nature …  You will also enjoy visiting the castle’s small farm with its miniature animals and the Jolibois (spurge laurel) village with its little wooden children’s houses.

Taken over in 2016 by the company Tous au Château, Château de la Ferté is experiencing a second wind. It is part of a heritage enhancement process and a real strategy to boost the territory by setting up attractive and daring activities. During school holidays, visit the castle thanks to new thematic activities and discover the area from a new angle!



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