Located amidst the renowned châteaux of the Loire, 30 kilometers south of Blois, the château of Chémery offers a parenthesis in time. A monument pervaded with a bucolic familial atmosphere, the edifice harmoniously blends medieval and Renaissance atmospheres. On the site of a 12 th – century fortress, a first château was built during the 13 th century, partially reconstructed in the 15 th century, and renovated in the 16 th century, becoming a site combining ruggedness and refinement. In 1729, it was transformed into a farm, which is what it remained until 1960. Since 1981, it has been undergoing permanent restoration by the Fontaines, one of whom is an officially certified architect enamored with heritage, and stands as a vivid example of safeguard and conservation.

A visit to the château is distinctly original, insofar as it is organized and guided by proprietors who take pleasure in sharing their passion. It revolves around the act of building, with explanations on the shaping of stone and, if you wish, demonstrations on how it is performed (coatings, ingredients, flour paint…). To supplement the itinerary, you may discover the one collection in France of 255 colored engravings by Raphaël Jacquemin on the history of costumes from the 4th through the 19th century.

Chémery is a château that will not fail to astound you! Surrounded by water moats, the buildings form a court with a theater of greenery in the center. Access is provided, by an ancient drawbridge: highlighting a genuine voyage in time. It is possible to sojourn in the guesthouses.

The château of Chémery is closely associated with the Tour Beauvoir, a late 11 th -century keep with a belvedere offering a fantastic panoramic view of the town. For an unforgettable night, you may stay in a “guest cell”.