Awarded the status of historic monument, located just 10 kilometers (6 miles) from Saumur, the Château de Brézé is one of a kind due to its remarkably preserved troglodytic network, its sumptuously furnished rooms and its highly sophisticated neogothic architecture. A château has been shown to exist in the site since 1063, date at which it is mentioned in an abbey Saint Florent charter. One century later, the land of Brézé formed a sizable fief.
Possessing an exceptional underground heritage with a steeply sloped gallery containing multiple troglodytic cavities, the Château de Brézé invites the visitor to discover the mysterious existence of its initial seigneurs. An underground visitor trail spanning more than a kilometer sheds light on a “paranoid” defense system drawn up in the Middle Ages to ensure protection from invading forces. Nine meters deep, surprisingly elaborate subterranean spaces – stables, kitchens, light shafts – were carved out or chiseled centuries ago. As for the impressively dimensioned dry moats, they are in fact among the deepest in Europe. Originally dug in the 15th century and further deepened during the 16th, they are fitted out with astonishing rooms: an underground bakery, a 17th-century magnanery (silk farm), a hall of lightning and one of the largest vat rooms in France.

Situated in the heart of a vineyard covering more than a hundred acres, the Château de Brézé is known as the property of prestigious families in close contact with centers of power. From 1650 to 1682, for example, it belonged to the Grand Condé, cousin of Louis XIV and husband of Claire-Clémence de Maillé-Brézé, herself a niece of cardinal de Richelieu. Starting in 1682, the Dreux-Brézé family conserved the château until 1959, with members holding the position from 1701 to 1830 of Grand Master of Ceremonies – first for the king, and then for France. The château has conserved the memory of this illustrious family in the luxuriously decorated apartments of Pierre de Dreux-Brézé, his brother Scopion’s collections of arms and armors, and its neogothic exterior decoration, work of the Angevin architect René Hodé and prime example of 19th-century architectural fashions.
Today, the Château fr Brézé is a private monument frequented by more than 100,000 visitors a year. It is currently the property of the count and the countess of Colbert, who have steadfastly endeavored to maintain and embellish their historical and architectural jewel. In 2006, 150 years after its construction, the finishing touches were applied to renovation of the grand inner gallery, a 19th-century reception hall, with elegant neogothic decoration imagined by the Amaury de Cambolas ateliers.

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